60+ Years of Distribution Experience

Founded on professional service standards and networks established in the Canadian beverage alcohol industry, by a team of executive level professionals with over 60 years of combined experience in beverage alcohol, consumer packaged goods and medical business sectors in Canada.

National Coverage

With regional offices in Vancouver, Toronto and Calgary and associates in Montreal and Halifax Cannavolve has exceptional geographic and market knowledge earned through selling hundreds of top beverage alcohol brands across Canada. We enter the market immediately and effectively with your products. Cannavolve operates in every major Canadian market that provincial legislation allows.

Purpose Built Focus

Cannavolve’s sales staff is among the best trained in the industry, regularly undergoing specialized cannabis training to differentiate ourselves from the competition. Education and product knowledge is a pillar of success and our team participates in the Lift & Co cannabis training modules alongside in depth training from our LP and accessories partners.


Decrease operational spending but not productivity. Our team increases distribution and revenue, while your organization can focus on core business functions. Cannavolve will hire, train, manage and compensate our sales team versus you having to. Fixed cost commission rate removes fluctuating projections for sales expenses as Cannavolve is paid only on sales made.

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